Scandinavian vibe

Yet another day on holidays brings a second summer outfit. It was probably the last time I could wear a summer dress and not be cold having bare legs and shorts sleeves. But I hope I’m wrong and summer will come back again sometime in September.  Maybe during fashion week, that would be great.
Coming back to my floral dress. I bought it some time ago and had just one idea how to wear it, with heavy boots and messy hair to give it that 90’s feeling. Kinda Beverly Hills 90210. Yes, I’m a big fan of this tv series and 90’s in general. The most inspiring fashion period  for me.
We took these photos with my sister during a one day road trip in north Poland. There were so many beautiful places, and I chose these two to shoot the dress.


ph. by Magdalena Zielasko , edit. Belletette




  1. Adelajda

    Super! Ale zapomniałaś napisać skąd co jest więc: Skąd sukienka?

  2. moiminnie

    Beautiful and simple, has a bit of 90s vibe to it. It’s a perfect outfit for the end of the summer xx

  3. #Zosia#

    bardzo ladnie 🙂
    zapraszam do mnie

  4. Czesać Dziewczyny! Miło pooglądać zdjęcia robione w Polskim plenerze. Jestem nową blogerką mieszkającą na stałe w USA i zapraszam na mojego bloga: Jak mówiłam, bloga założyłam niedawno więc będę wdzięczna za wszelkie komentarze. Follow me jeśli podobają wam się moje posty. Dziękuję:)

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