H&M x Isabel Marant

(Drums please!) This is my first look for H&M x Isabel Marant. I absolutely love the collection. To be honest with you I reckon everything is a must have  for my first look I picked a basic grey sweatshirt, a fuzzy skirt and the boots. I’m saying THE boots because they are the ones and only, most beautiful pair of boots I have ever had on. Also the collection speaks to me because it fits my current boho obsession. I love it, what do you guys think?The pictures were taken in Saint Germain and Champs Élysées. Paris is so beautiful these days I wish I could live here and in London at the same time. Maybe like a week here and a week there:) stay tuned for more looks to come…

ph. by Magdalena Zielasko


( wearing H&M x Isabel Marant sweatshirt, skirt, necklace and boots, Alexander Wang bag)



  1. Anonymous

    te buty są najpiękniejsze na świecie 🙂 super wyglądasz 🙂

  2. Klara

    perfekcja! te buty są obłędne, chyba sama się na nie skuszę 🙂

  3. Effie

    Kocham to 😉 mam nadzieje, ze za 3 tygodnie buty beda moje!


  4. Ania

    Fason butów jest fajny, ale materiał (skóra) wygląda jak po kontakcie z solą w zimowyc warunkach i to już nie jest fajne 🙁


    I fell in love with these boots right after the lookbook came out! hope to get my hands on them at the press-sale!!

  6. Camille

    I love the pieces you picked from the collection. It’s very flirty boho!