Stella McCartney mohair sweater

I realised some time ago, that I haven’t taken any outfit photos in Portobello for a long time, which is actually my neighbourhood where I spend most of my time. For me, it’s the most inspiring place in London. Time goes its own way here. It’s almost like a village, you can live here, work and get all things done. Beautiful architecture, colourful houses, cute little shops, cafes and people always make me feel happy. Now, let’s talk about my outfit. I’m wearing the cosiest Stella McCartney mohair sweater I’ve ever had. It’s absolutely a perfect piece to wear during cold days. This time I matched it with black skinny jeans, black boots and a new bag from Kurt Geiger.

I would also like to introduce you to Vestiaire Collective, an online platform where you can buy and sell designer clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories. You can find amazing pieces from designers like Alexander Wang, Celine, Chanel, Stella McCartney and many others. I’m sure it happens very often, that you realise you absolutely need a pair of shoes, a bag or some other piece, that is sold out in every store around the world. Then you browse thousands of online stores in hope that maybe there is one last item in your size, but in fact you find nothing. Vestiare Collective is the best place to buy all of these last season ‘must have’ pieces, but also current season collections at great prices. What’s more, it’s a platform where you can sell stuff you don’t wear anymore in the easiest possible way.


ph. by Toni Tran, edit. Marcin Socha




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  1. Adrianna Zając - reply

    jak zwykle czysta perfekcja!

  2. Shamelessly - reply

    Idealnie <3 Sweter jest przepiękny!

  3. CAROLA - reply

    Portobello – what an inspiring place! And what’s not to love about your outfit??

    heartbeats VIENNA WEDEKIND

  4. Olivia at ohmy Olivia - reply

    That sweater is AMAZING. You look gorgeous! xo

  5. Sandrine V - reply

    This pull is so great! And I love the architecture of Portobello. When I went there, I was surprised to see the beautiful colors of the houses… BTW your style is so awesome, you are one of my favorite blogs and I wish I had the same wardrobe than you!

    Sandrine x

  6. Marta - reply

    Lubię w Tobie to, że zawsze zachowujesz siebie. Pod każdym względem. To jest piękne.

  7. effie - reply

    Piekna torba! A sweter po prostu cudny – nie gryzie? :)

    • Alice Zielasko - reply

      dziekuje :) Nie gryzie, to najprzyjemniejszy materiał jaki kiedykolwiek miałam na sobie!

  8. ada niewypada - reply

    Alice, czy Ty masz tylko jedną parę spodni?
    sweter piękny

    • Alice Zielasko - reply

      Nie, mam około 30 par spodni, ale te bardzo lubię, dobrze się w nich czuję, więc chodzę w nich bardzo często. Stąd na zdjęciach na blogu również bardzo często się pojawiają.

  9. Laura - reply

    I was there two weeks ago. It was my first trip to London and Portobello was one of the biggest highlights in this week. I fell in love with this area!

  10. Zosia - reply

    cudownie współgra twój strój z otoczeniem! :D
    zapraszam do mnie

  11. Marabella - reply

    I love this sweater it has so nice print and look very comfortable !


  12. amalie - reply

    ohhh gosh. that sweater looks amazinggg x

  13. moustachic - reply

    amazing alice!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  14. Iris - reply

    Oohh I love everything about this outfit! The bag and the sweater especially. Gorgeous!

    xoxo Iris

  15. marta - reply

    widziałam podobny w H&M, ale aż żal kupować podórbki takiego cudeńka!
    szkoda,że kasa potrzebna na coś innego bo chyba bym się na niego skusiła, musi poczekać za mną :D

  16. the style crusader - reply

    That jumper is absolute perfection. Definitely at the top of my wish list. Gorgeous photos! Absolutely love spending time in Portobello. xx

  17. patrycjatyszka - reply

    Jestem po uszy zakochana w Twoich zdjęciach.

  18. Anonymous - reply

    Nie przepadam za moherem, ale ten sweter jest świetny!

  19. Anonymous - reply

    Fajna stylizacja plus świetne tło do zdjęć! :D
    PS. ostatnio zastanawiałam się, gdzie chodziłaś do LO w Krakowie ?

  20. dobrycoach - reply

    Jestem u Ciebie po raz pierwszy i podoba mi się. Sweter jest ciekawy i masz ładną twarz

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