Barbara Bui fur coat



I love faux fur coats. They are probably the only thing I will miss in the summer. To be clear, I hate winter but oh them furs, they melt my heart. That on the picture is from Barbara Bui, one of the most perfect ones I’ve ever seen. I took this picture with my sister during PFW on Le Marais. I know I usually put in more pictures but this time one is definitely enough. That fur ! Am I right ?
Also I wanted to let you guys know I’m cleaning out my closet and will be selling my stuff on Vinted (click here for the link to my auctions). If there’s anything you guys ever liked on my blog and want to give it a better home email me on x



  1. To futro wygląda świetnie. Nie lubię takich typowych jednokolorowych, ale z kolei nie wszystkie połączenia kolorów do siebie pasują. To jest naprawdę fantastyczne.

  2. Kasia

    Niesamowite to futro!!! Z reguły nie lubię wielokolorowych rzeczy, ale ten futrzak mnie urzekł:) Pozdrawiam:)

  3. Furaddict

    I love this color ! This kind of fur coat immediatly gives peps in a sad winter day. Perfect choice !