Madison Avenue


ph. by Magdalena Zielasko


( wearing COS coat, H&M lace skirt, Balenciaga boots)


I was browsing my pictures from New York in February and I found this shot taken in Madison Avenue. It was a freezing morning in Upper East Side and we were on the way to the favourite local cafe for breakfast. I don’t have to tell you it was really hard to take an outfit photos when the termomether shows no more than minus 15 Degrees. This is the only shot we took, but I still like it, shows that New York vibe. I was wearing Balenciaga boots, COS coat and a lace skirt.

Other thing I want to tell you. I’ve just started my own HERE. From now you can ask me a question. I’ll do my best to answer it.


  1. O mamo, zamarzam na widok tego stroju w towarzystwie zasp śniegu! Ale warto było – świetne zdjęcie, kocham te buty! (niestety sama zadowolić się muszę ich tańszym, ekhm “odpowiednikiem” z River Island ;))

  2. Signe

    I’ve been thinking about getting that skirt for a while now, haha I think you just convinced me!