Alicepoint x Fab exclusive bag

I’m so exited to finally show you the project I’ve been working on for a little while. I have designed my own bag together with Fab in collaboration with Fashiolista. This has been one of the best opportunities I got since I’ve started my blog (in March 2008 for those who don’t know :)). My idea was to design a minimalistic, medium size bag, that can be easily worn with any kind of outfits. It is made out of beautiful, black leather and has a detachable chain handle to be more comfortable during the day.

The bag is available to buy in Fab online store HERE.

But that’s not everything! My bag is taking part in a competition for the best bag design on Fashiolista. The winner will be able to design a mini collection, which would be like a dream come true for me. You can vote for my bag HERE and get the chance to win a bag for yourself as well. Good luck and thanks for your support and vote.

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  1. Adelajda - reply

    pozazdrościć tylko takiej pracy. Kto by nie chciał projektować torebek. jest bardzo fajna ale niestety za droga ;(

  2. Anonymous - reply

    Nawet może być, choć odkrywczy wzór to to nie jest. A cena jak za Armaniego.

  3. Anonymous - reply


  4. Ola La - reply

    Świetna torebka, chyba się skuszę..

  5. Ola La - reply

    Świetna torebka, chyba się skuszę..

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