Reserved A/W 14 backstage with Freja Beha Erichsen // Scotland

Last week I had a chance to take part in the Reserved A/W 14 photo shoot with Freja Beha who will be the main face of the brand in the upcoming season. I have to mention that meeting Freja and seeing how she works was a great experience for me. It was also my first time in Scotland, which I frankly LOVED! The beautiful weather was one of the biggest surprises for me as I thought it would be really cold and rainy, also my friend warned me to take warm clothes and lots of layers because it will be windy. It wasn’t, I was wearing shorts and even managed to catch some sun during my first day in Edinburgh.

Reserved campaign was shot in a few locations. My favourite one was in an amazing Scottish castle, looking like that one from the Coco Chanel movie. There were thousands of beautiful spots for taking photos, an amazing library, bathroom, dining room, terrace and a big garden (or I should rather say a park). Freja was impressed by this castle as well, she also told me, that it was her first time in Scotland too.

The second location of the photo shoot was in the Scottish highlands. We drove there for about an hour, but I had a feeling that we were going to the middle of nowhere. There were absolutely no cars or  people around us. Only sheep walking in the middle of the road, so that we had to stop the car and politely ask them to move. It was really funny. I could also try on some clothes from Reserved F/W collection. My favourite piece was that oversized, furry jumper – see the 4th photo.

Finally, the third location was the studio in Edinburgh where we shot lookbook photos. In between I had a few hours to explore the city, see the famous Edinburgh castle, try some Scottish food in a local restaurant and spend a great time with the Reserved team, which was the nicest team in the world.   You will see the results of the photo shoot in September in the magazines and on large billboards in your city. Thank you Reserved for the invitation!

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  1. FRYDAY - reply

    Ale ja Ci zazdroszczę! to wszystko jest takie piękne, te widoki i Wy oczywiście 🙂

  2. baja - reply

    Great pictures, nice experience, and Freja is just magnificent 😉

  3. Kalina - reply

    patrzę na te widoki i stwierdzam, że zapowiada się genialna kampania promocyjna 😉

  4. Natalie Suarez - reply

    amazing! looks gorgeous there. love love x

  5. Best Dressed - reply

    Gorgeous landscape!
    Gorgeous archtecture!
    And elegant charming people.
    Love it!

    Best Dressed Poland

  6. sophie - reply

    Scottish castle looks really cool. it has the vibe that the modern building can’t even remotely come close! love the white sweater. the outfit fits to the background perfect.

  7. Juliet - reply

    Niesamowite zdjęcia,bardzo fajny klimat

  8. Milex - reply

    Freja jest jedną z najbardziej inspirujących osób, brawo.

  9. smiriamstyle - reply

    Widoki zachęcają do wybrania się do Szkocji chociaż na kilka dni. Jestem ciekawa efektów, ale wnioskuję po Twoich słowach, że warto poczekać.

  10. Zoe Gruss - reply

    WOW! The location is amazing. Freja looks gorgeous as usual. Such a fantastic shoot to be a part of!

  11. Las fotografias son maravillosas, ese lugar es encantador,me agrada la parte interna como la externa,es un sitio ideal para pasar un fin de semana con tu novio. Besos

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