Last week I’ve spend a few amazing days in Scotland together with the Reserved team. We were doing photoshoot for their new F/W 14 campaign with Freja Beha Erichsen as its face. No words can describe what a beautiful woman she is. Those of you who follow me on Instagram could see my hour by hour updates. It was such a pleasure to work with the amazing Reserved team. I will show you more in the next post with the proper backstage photos.
These pictures were taken in the Scottish highlands. It took us no more than an hour to drive from urban Edinburgh to the heart of countryside. The views were breathtaking: hills, lakes, gills, green trees and sheep walking in the middle of the road (we did not see a single car). Stay tuned for more photos from Scotland. x

(wearing Filles a Papa Tomboy sweatshirt, old shorts)

ph. by Magdalena Zielasko , edit. by Belletette
MUSIC: Casablanca – Hurricane season

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  1. PODSZEWKA - reply

    Ta bluza mnie rozwala na łopatki !!! Jest boska !!! <3 zresztą jak wszystkie rzeczy z PAPA !!

  2. Czill - reply

    uwielbiam takie rzeczy i miejsca, świetnie wyglądasz 🙂 pozdrawiam

  3. Wiwoos - reply

    Very nice clothes, i love the sweat and you are very pretty

  4. moiminnie - reply

    Casual outfit and beautiful background! Love xx

  5. Milex - reply

    Uwielbiam to jak wszystko ze sobą kontrastuje na ostatnim zdjęciu.

  6. L - reply

    lovely project this by the way x

  7. smiriamstyle - reply

    Krajobrazy przepiękne:) a bluza świetnie na Tobie wygląda!

  8. Anonymous - reply

    Dlaczego nie robisz notek w języku polskim ?

  9. Off Color - reply

    that sweater is so damn nice!!!

    we finally released the second issue of our online magazine! make sure to check that out!! i bet you gonna like that a lot 🙂

  10. Anonymous - reply

    Na Tobie wszystkie ubrania tak pięknie leżą, uwielbiam Cię!

  11. Anonymous - reply

    Alice. First sentence- I’ve spent not spend. Love ya, xxx

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