Favourite shorts

These Isabel Marant shorts became the favourites in my closet. Navajo print might seem difficult to match, but in fact I think it’s quite easy. The shorts go well with pretty much everything as all tops I wear are basic. This time I was wearing them with a black blouse (seen in this post as well).
Hope you enjoying the summery weather as much as I am. We have had really hot days in London this week. Some people are complaining, but for me 25 – 30 Degrees is a perfect temperature to live and wear clothes I love the most without being cold. I don’t like layers, I love to wear just a top and bottom. Now finally I don’t have to worry about it. Have a lovely day 🙂

ph. by James Blite, edit. Ola Golczynska

(wearing Isabel Marant shorts, Zara blouse, Nixon watch, Alexander Wang bag  )

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  1. Laura - reply

    They’re great!
    And I wish we had a magazine shop like this O.O

  2. Ada - reply

    Ala, szorty są świetne! 🙂

  3. Zoe Gruss - reply

    Gorgeous outfit. I love the Zara blouse – it is beautiful and looks great paired with the Isabel Marant shorts.

  4. Jeans Please! - reply

    Prosto i nieprzekombinowanie, czyli tak jak lubię najbardziej 🙂

  5. MyStorey (Karen) - reply

    I love your laidback look :). I’ve always wanted an oversized sweater with different textured sleeves. It’s so simple but it makes a hugeee difference! A must have. Love your blog!

  6. kitiketia - reply

    super bluza rewelacja spodenki tym bardziej:)(

  7. Tessa: - reply

    Love that Zara top, it has amazing sleeves and I like the sort of waffle pattern at its body!

  8. smiriamstyle - reply

    szorty wyglądają świetnie, a dzięki temu, że pasują do tak wielu rzeczy, mają prawo zdobyć 1 miejsce:) podoba mi się bardzo wzór bluzy!

  9. Krissy ~ - reply

    Adorable pattern shorts! I love the gold watch too, so cool~!

  10. StyleNonsense - reply

    I Can See How They’ve Become Your Favourites!

  11. Erykah La Rocca - reply

    Wszystko pięknie ze sobą gra..prosty i jakże efektowny outfit! brawo!

  12. Helli - reply

    Też najbardziej lubię własnie taką pogodę! W końcu można żyć 🙂
    A szorty super!

  13. Anonymous - reply

    co to za sklep z gazetkami w tle?!:)

  14. N. - reply

    fajne szorty. 🙂

  15. kika. - reply

    Bardzo podoba mi się twój blog!

    Jeśli zechcesz odwiedź moje blogi:

  16. miss.independent - reply

    trochę azteckie, jak najnowszy “inspirations point” u mnie 🙂 ZAPRASZAM!

  17. ponyhunter - reply

    Is that magazine store in Soho? I’ve just moved to London from New Zealand and have already established that shop as my favourite for magazines.

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