KTZ // London Fashion Week

KTZ was my favourite show during London Fashion Week. The collection consisted of two main parts. First part was dominated by black clothes, with heavy duty, metal accessories such as bracelets big ear hoops and studs (something we expect from KTZ). However it was the second part I liked the most. It consisted of Saudi inspired prints and oriental symbols. Three things caught my eye; firstly layers, thanks to which the clothes looked beautifully in motion. Second thing was prints. I think that printed clothes deserve a total look. It’s either all the way or not at all. And this show was on it with me. The third thing were accessories. Interesting hats inspired by middle-eastern culture till now were worn only by people in the culture. I’m wondering if this trend will hit the streets. Some of the wedges had the same print as the clothes which made the total print look actually total. I’d love to try and wear it myself. Last, the heavy jewellery. It wan’t the most comfortable jewellery I have seen but undoubtedly the most effective one when it comes to aesthetics. And my all time fav: a simple sleeveless dress with stars&geometrical figures print.

all photos by me


  1. Effie - reply

    Cudna kolekcja, zobacze Cie w czyms z kolekcji na blogu? 🙂


    • Alice Zielasko - reply

      jak tylko będę miała okazję, to z chęcią coś ubiorę z KTZ 🙂

  2. Dory - reply

    marki wcześnie nie znałam, a ubrania faktycznie pierwsza klasa.

  3. Marcin - reply

    cześć super post. pozdrawiam

  4. Monika S. - reply

    hej, jakim aparatem robiłas zdjecia 🙂
    Pozdrawiam, Monika 🙂

  5. the style crusader - reply

    Loved this collection too. It was definitely one of my favourites. I grew up in Saudi so the whole middle eastern vibe really hit a chord with me. Great photos! xx

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