denim & tartan

After a few very cold days in London, a friendly and much warmer autumn has come back. Okay, I’m not talking about the rain or clouds, because they’re here almost everyday. Higher temperature makes me happy because I can wear most of my favorite clothes without bothering to layer up. To be honest, I don’t like outerwear and layers. Even thinking about wearing more than 2 layers makes me feel uncomfortable.
On the picutures below you can see my two, new, favourite pieces from my wardrobe. First is a checked shirt (I love its babydoll shape!) The second one, are loose fit blue jeans which go well with practically everything. You can be sure to see me wearing them often these days.


ph. by Toni Tran , edit Marcin Socha
( wearing The Scarlet Room top, Zara shoes,  Alexander Wang bag)



  1. milex - reply

    Krata calkiem dobrze Ci sluzy )

  2. Jackie - reply

    Everything about this look is perfection. Love it head-to-toe.

  3. carol - reply

    this blouse !!!!!

  4. Laura - reply

    The blouse is such a beauty :-))

  5. Zosia - reply

    świetnie to wszystko skomponowałaś, bardzo ładnie pozujesz ;*
    zapraszam do mnie

  6. Anna - reply

    Jeansy są meega

  7. christina - reply

    i cannot see my self in London wearing ripped jeanes given the weather!
    But i totally fancy them on you girl!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  8. Touch the dreams! - reply

    woow !♥

    Przepięknie wyglądasz !
    Nie mogę się napatrzeć 🙂
    A drugie zdjęcie jest GENIALNE ♥
    Zazdroszczę Londynu !

    Agata 🙂

  9. ladycolour - reply

    Ala you’re my inspiration! I wish i could look like you 🙂

  10. Sylvia - reply

    I do not like this fashion pants with holes. After all, it looks awful and messy … Just my opinion …

    I invite you to myself;

  11. moiminnie - reply

    The blouse has such a lovely vintage-y look, and the colors are so fall-appropriate! I only wish the jeans were even lighter. Still not over those sandals, I can’t believe I couldn’t find them in my size anywhere! x

  12. Sylvia - reply

    Nie ładnie tak kasować komentarze ludzi, którym się coś nie podoba i szczerze wyrażają swoją opinie…

  13. Anna - reply

    Bluzka jest świetna! Przypomina mi stylizację retro i takie koszule z bufiastymi rękawami, ale mimo wszystko bardzo ciekawa.

  14. vgunka - reply

    idealnie skomponowane i pasuje wszystko do siebie:) chociaż u nas w Polsce zaraz byś się przeziębiła:)

  15. Anonymous - reply

    Fajowskie spodnie!!!!!! Daję 4/10 i uśmieszek :)))))))))))


  16. Anonymous - reply

    skąd jeansy?

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