last week in Paris

I’ve just come back from Paris where I went for the H&M x Isabel Marant launch party. It was such a great night with the presentation of the collection (see the video on my Instagram), concert of hip hop daddies Rappers Delight. Not to mention I could try rollerskating for the first time in my life (it’s not as difficult as I’ve thought it was), buy  clothes in the pop up store 3 weeks before they hit the stores around the world. And finally see beautiful and smiling Isabel Marant in person who is one of my favourite designers and a great woman.I haven’t managed to take an outfit photos during the event (my camera  with the  lens is almost heavier than me and sometimes feeling comfortable is more important than taking photos), so we did a photoshoot  with similiar outfit the day after (Thanks Yannis and Jordan! ) , only changing a skirt into black skinny jeans. I’m absolutely in love with the Filles a Papa sequin jacket, which matched the rollerskate rink as nothing else.I’m saying bye to Paris only for one week, because I’ll be back next Thursday for the other exiting project. Stay tuned!


( wearing Filles a Papa jacket, H&M top, Super Trash jeans and Zara heels)



  1. christina - reply

    looking damn good!!!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  2. Gabrielle - reply

    Perfekcyjnie jak zawsze!! Kurtka jest niesamowita <3

  3. Effie - reply

    Uwielbiam jak laczysz minimalizm ze szczypta szalenstwa 🙂

  4. Victor - reply

    Great post!

  5. Libby Sonnet - reply

    30October2013 19:34Uhr Alicja, have never, and have been lucky, not to have ever had foot trouble with heels, although, at moment, have footflex/ligament issues from summer 2013 foot-twist, aerobic-dance course 2007, so no more heels. Flat shoes and walking no problem. modeling is a business and beauty is high maintenance, though, i recommend, no heels !! an injury of a ligament may never heal darling, and no surgical repair. your toast for life. so while young and whimsical, no heels … !! And Winona Ryder, our darling thiefstress … no kissing either, not in movies and refrain as well. dear princess alicja, posting at your blog today. love, princess susanné a.k.a. Libby Sonnet

  6. milex - reply

    chyba sam skusilbym sie na zalozenie tej kurtki.

  7. Élodie Laetitia - reply

    I can’t figure out whether I’m more in awe of the jacket or of the door!

  8. smiriam - reply

    prostota tego stroju jest jego siłą. podobają mi się zdjęcia, są bardzo naturalne. Czytałam duży wywiad z IM, w którym podkreśliła, że zależy jej na dobrej jakości ubrań sygnownaych jej nazwiskiem w h&m. Czekam na efekt w sklepach;)

  9. Lokalizacja - reply

    Chcesz wiedzieć gdzie jest twoje dziecko, żona lub mąż:
    Nic prostszego, znalazłam stronę dzięki której możesz zlokalizować kogo zechcesz, za pośrednictwem numeru jego telefonu.
    Sprawdź sam działanie tego serwisu

  10. Miss Aa - reply

    great jacket

    visit mine whenever you had a chance 😀

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

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