Liverpool Street


I’m back in London, but half of my heart stayed in Paris. We took these photos last Sunday on Liverpool Street. I like to compare different cities. So when it comes to London you can’t even know if it’s a working day or Sunday. It is always busy, people work (hard) here every day. See those running people behind me. Maybe that’s why I sometimes forget what day it is today… I don’t really count them.

In Paris it’s different. Sunday is a day when people stay at home and can take a rest. Like in Poland, I would say. The streets are almost empty. We wanted to buy a fresh baguette in Paris on Sunday, but most bakeries were closed. Since I moved to London I forgot that groceries can be closed. Shame on me!

Back to my outfit. I was wearing Sandro sweatshirt which I also spotted on Stockholm Streetstyle in Paris two weeks ago, a black pleated skirt, Sophie Hulme tote and Kurt Geiger boots. And I promise you (and myself as well) that I will try to wear more colorful clothes next month, not only black.





  1. Anna Wallace - reply

    I also love comparing cities! I just returned from a trip split between Paris and London and the differences are quite shocking really. I got so used to the super fast metro in Paris and the tube felt so slow, London is so much larger it just takes that much longer to get everywhere. Love your outfit, it looks like what all the fashionable girls were wearing in both cities actually.

  2. Sylvia - reply

    Fantastyczna torba, pasuje idealnie do stylizacji.

    Zapraszam do siebie;

  3. Eline - reply

    I think black suits you just great!

  4. effie - reply

    Genialnie Alicja <3

  5. pomalujswiat - reply

    Podoba mi się fason spódniczki w zestawieniu z botkami. Londyn jest fantastyczny. Tak, koniecznie dodaj kolorowy set.

  6. Kate - reply

    Bardzo ciekawe połączenie ehh i ta torebka! Genialnie 🙂

  7. Michaela - reply

    The last zdjecie jest perfekcyjne Alice <3 and actually I like all black 🙂

  8. Daniella - reply

    great post!

  9. Huyen - reply

    gorgeous, I really love that sweater!


  10. Louise - reply

    I adore the last shot. It’s true, London is so fast paced and bursting with life 24/7. Paris has it’s own rythym, it’s own personality. I love both to bits. Love that sweatshirt btw…so cool x

  11. Ada - reply

    I love your style – simple but eye-catching. And I also love black!


  12. barcelonette - reply

    Oh I used to live very close from this street!! I miss it so much. Love your tote by the way perfect to pair it with all your wardrobe and carry the laptop

  13. Emma - reply

    Beautiful 🙂 love this Outfit

  14. Anonymous - reply

    Torba – my must have from now on!

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