Balenciaga boots

So there they are. Shoes I’ve been wanting to buy for such a long time. There’s probably no person who owned these Balenciaga boots and complained about something. Comfortable, black & easy to fit, shape legs and just make the look complete. It wasn’t easy to catch them. They were sold out in all stores around the world. I was trying to find them in Balenciaga stores in Paris, London and Rome, unfortunatelly without luck. Finally Matches got a new delivery a week ago, which was gone faster then it came. So yeah, you know which shoes I’ll be wearing for the next few months.

ph. by me


(Balenciaga The Ceinture cut-out ankle boots)



  1. B. - reply

    I’m still dying to have to shoes. I’m so in love with them!

    Breathe Me

  2. Diana Amorim - reply

    These are definetely the best shoes I own! Even though they’re the most painfull at the beggining, it’s so worth it!!


  3. moiminnie - reply

    Still love ’em, they truly are THE perfect boots xx

  4. Biżutik - reply

    Great boots, the perfect match for you 🙂

  5. smiriam - reply

    kojarzą mi się z ciężkimi butami z lat 90, coraz badziej podoba mi się nawiązywanie o tego okresu w modzie.
    klamry nadają tym butom czegoś wyjątkowego:)

  6. anna - reply

    cudne <3 szczęściara 😀

  7. Anonymous - reply


  8. Kazuko - reply

    got mine from matches, too. 🙂 had to wait for months and months until they finally received them in my size – and the wait was so worth it. 🙂

  9. Zosia - reply

    ależ cudowne!!! :*
    zapraszam do mnie

  10. SIMON - reply

    Woooow, najlepsze, najpiękniejsze buty. Marzę o nich, moze kiedyś sie na nie załapie 🙂

  11. Anonymous - reply

    cudowne !!

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