Paris, St. Germain // Maje skirt

I’ve been waiting with posting these pictures for over a month ( click here ) . When I look at them I miss not only Paris but summery weather as well.  It was about 20 Degrees and I could easily pull off bare legs with boots and enjoy walking with my sweet sister in St. Germain. There were so many great spots to shoot, that’s why I couldn’t resist to post 9 pictures this time. Yeah, I know my outfit looks almost the same on each of them, but the background is different and each time more beautiful. Hope you like it too!

Coming back to my outfit. I was wearing a leather skirt from Maje, a white shirt from The scarletroom, Kurt Geiger boots and Sophie Hulme bag (the first I had, just classic black leather version). Kinda school girl look. I wish I could dress like that the whole year, this style is the closest to my heart. No warm coats, jackets and scarfs please! There are only 6 months left till spring in Europe …

ph. by Magdalena Zielasko


( wearing Maje skirt, Thescarletroom shirt, Sophie Hulme bag via My-Wardrobe, Kurt Geiger boots)




  1. the style crusader - reply

    Was totally looking at these photos thinking, ‘How is she pulling off bare legs?!’ So that makes much more sense that they were taken a month ago. Love the clean lines and crisp black/white colour combination. Very cool skirt with the cross over straps. xx

  2. Jack - reply

    Amazing photo! I really miss Paris too can’t wait to go there!

  3. Betina - reply

    Great skirt 🙂

  4. Agnes - reply

    Alice, dzieki Tobie sobie uswiadomilam, ze ta torebka nie jest dla mnie. Jednak trzeba miec do niej odpowiedni wzrost..

  5. milex - reply

    Czarno bialy trend opanowalas do perfekcji.

  6. Karolina - reply

    scarf = scarves. Wybacz, musiałam 🙂
    wyglądasz jak zawsze rewelacyjnie.
    Ja natomiast uwielbiam zimę i te wszystkie wełny, płaszcze i swetry, warstwy i jeszcze raz warstwy <3

  7. Sophia Charles - reply

    such a perfect outfit! i love your skirt and that bag is a must have!

  8. Fashion Musings Diary - reply

    I love your skirt and its braces detail, and I love Paris too so this post is a match in heaven! 😉

  9. Laura - reply

    I just fell in love with thos gorgeous skirt <3 And the pictures are nice too. Paris <3 <3 <3

  10. Victor Vu - reply

    Love the set of photos! So lovely!

  11. Zosia - reply

    świetny look: ubrałabym się tak :)!
    zapraszam do mnie

  12. smiriam - reply

    torba jest po prostu świetna! a spódnica doskonale na Tobie leży, całość mi się bardzo podoba, lubię takie stroje 😉 proste, a jednocześnie mające ogromny potencjał.

  13. amalie - reply

    love this! you pull that skirt off so well xx

  14. Anonymous - reply

    Torba, torba i jeszcze raz tobra. Uwielbiam duże torby. To jest to co lubię w stylizacjach. Sa funkcjonalne i jednocześnie świetnie wygladaja. Bomba.

  15. Daniella - reply

    Great post!

  16. Kamila . - reply

    świetna spódnica 🙂 i genialna torba <3

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