White sneakers

( wearing Urban Outfitters playsuit ( similiar here ), Nike Air Force 

White sneakers can definitely look chic. For many people white sneakers are a flagship footgear of chavvs and trashy teens. But now they’re fighting their way back into fashion. Look at Saint Laurent for example, they managed to make the double trouble of white and ankle sneakers look cool and trendy. These nikes air force are both ridiculously comfy and stylish. It’s a win win situation. And just now, FootLocker launched their white collection, featuring all white everything kinda shoes. They are brilliant, so many to pick from. I guess though my choice was good choice, what do you guys think?

On another note, playsuits were never really my thing. Well, except when I was about 5 and my mum made me wear a pair. Now, just like the sneakers, they are really in. Especially in the summer, it’s probably the most perfect outfit idea for hot summery days (though we haven’t seen many of those in London). Anyways, I guess sneakers and playsuits will be my summer idea. I would like my coats and baggy jumpers to take a bow, I’ll see you guys in October!





  1. Anonymous - reply

    genialna sukienka!

  2. kasia - reply

    czemu tylko 1 zdjęcie!!!!!!

  3. fashiondoll.pl - reply



  4. Zosia - reply

    ta sukienka jest obłędna… i do tego London w tle ! *.*


  5. Shea L. - reply

    Hella cute outfit!! And I love that you added the air forces! Very nice!

    XoXo Shea L. kissmychocolate.com

  6. zuzanna - reply

    Nie wiem ile razy mówiłam, że nienawidzę białych butów : i znowu przekonuje się do czegoś dzięki tobie 😉

  7. Anna - reply

    Ciekawa i oryginalna stylizacja, podoba mi się w niej zwłaszcza gra kolorów i to że jest taka zwiewna i wyszczuplająca. Jak zawsze perfekcyjnie wyglądasz
    Zapraszam na swojego bloga gdzie zdradzam jak mozna spac w Paryżu, Berlinie czy Rzymie za mniej niz 100 zl

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