Calvin Klein Jeans



This Calvin Klein sweatshirt from the CK for My Theresa collection is such a classic piece! It takes me back to that 90s vibe I’m so in love with. I mixed it up with white jeans instead of the expected blue. I feel 90s were all about colours other than the expected ones. Blue jeans weren’t blue, shirts came in other colours, there was a lot of playing around with the garment stereotype. Along with white skinny jeans that you all are familiar with, I wore converse shoes. These are timeless classics, and I think no wardrobe is complete without a pair. They are comfy and light, absolutely perfect for the summer. They make me feel like a girl next-door, laid back, California girl. As to the pictures, I have to say it, even though I don’t usually talk about the photo itself, but this time I’m so proud of it. The balance of whites and greys is broken by that one little lonely orchid on the steps. It looks gorgeous and I’m so proud of these photos. They are really arty, exactly the way I like it! Now I’m in NYC for a few days, so make sure you keep up to date with my journey on instagram.

ph. Magdalena Zielasko


( wearing Calvin Klein x My Theresa sweatshirt, ( full collection hereJ Brand skinny jeans  , Converse trainers)


  1. YZ Chan - reply

    The sweatshirt is so classic and 90s! I agree about Converse sneakers. I love my white ones. x

    Nerve Wires

  2. LaMiaModa - reply

    Bardzo ciekawy blog, a ta stylizacja jest super. Uwielbiam taki elegancki luz 😉

  3. effie - reply

    90s – bardzo w Twoim stylu 🙂 boskie jeansy!

  4. Camilla - reply

    Love that sweatshirt! I really want one but think it’s to expensive for what it is though. You look great with it 🙂

  5. Huyen - reply

    completely obsessed with that jumper though!


  6. Adrianna - reply

    Fantastyczne zdjęcia i zestaw oczywiście też!

  7. Zosia - reply

    piękne miejsce do zdjęć!

  8. Milla - reply

    i love CK!! great blouse!! =)

  9. Gina - reply

    Wyglądasz genialnie !

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