Golden hour in Soho // NYFW, Day 4


This is my outfit from the 4th day of New York Fashion Week. I was wearing my new Reformation transparent dress which is easily the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. The pictures were taken straight after the TIBI show in Chelsea. The sun was at that point in the sky that it was shining golden, so we just jumped into the cab, straight to Soho and took a few snaps. The light shawn through my dress and to be honest I looked a bit naked, but the effect was incredible. The weather was like that most of my stay, which was a really nice change, since I could go round bare legged once again, so summery! Also I wanted to talk a bit about my new Stella McCartney shoes. These were probably the most hunted down shoes I ever bought. They were sold out in every single department store in London and online stores around the world, and when I was about to give up, someone returned the last pair in my little size 35 to the flagship Stella store in Mayfair. I was so excited, because they went well with all my outfits and were super comfortable to walk in. And then a massive let down.. I got horrible blisters! They were so bad I couldn’t move, I was beating myself up trying to figure out what was wrong with them, and then it dawned on me. Stella is vegetarian and she never uses animal materials in her garments, so the shoes weren’t made of real leather. And that was the problem, because synthetic leather + skin = blisters and irritation. I’m all for animal rights but one has to put their opinions on hold when making something as important as a shoe to ensure it is wearable and doesn’t inflict pain. I’m really disappointed in them, these would be the perfect shoes if they were real leather. Now, I’m still nursing my blisters almost two weeks later.





(wearing Reformation dress, Pandora bracelets, Balenciaga tote, Chanel necklace, Stella McCartney shoes or here)



  1. nabilla - reply

    i love the transparent dress so muchhh , and your lipstick color makes your outfit more fabouluss

  2. YZ Chan - reply

    The print of the dress is so beautiful! Love the Stella McCartney shoes too. x

  3. Anna - reply

    where did you get that hear shaped ring?

  4. Anonymous - reply

    dress is really pretty and all but it’s not a golden hour yet what you have there on these shots !

  5. Sophia Charles - reply

    beautiful look! I love your bag and shoes! x

    Sophia |

  6. KIDIO - reply

    you look amazng, this dress is great

  7. jesuswannatouchme. - reply

    wyglądasz absolutnie zjawiskowo!
    nie mogę oderwać wzroku – coś wspaniałego!
    cudownie Ci w tej sukience.

    pozdrawiam ciepło,

  8. Zosia - reply

    cudowna biżuteria!

  9. smiriam - reply

    I like the dress a lot, it looks like from fairytale… I don’t like the shoes in this set, but other things look amazing

  10. Joy - reply

    You look so cute! And these shots are really wonderful <3


  11. Julie - reply

    Hi! I am new to your blog but love it! The dress is stunning! How did you like NY for Fashion week?

  12. Anonymous - reply

    Jaka prześliczna sukienka!!! Ubóstwiam! Lekki styl i bardzo dziewczęcy look, idealnie.
    Zapraszam do mnie, może coś się także spodoba :

  13. Rick - reply

    Beautiful transparent dress – So cute

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