Paris Dinner in White, unpublished

As at the end of the year I should share with you my favourite photos from 2014, I decided not doing it and upload unseen pictures which remind me of one of the most incredible moments of 2014. These pictures were taken in Paris, when me and Aida were over there for the White Dinner. It was a night to remember, eating dinner in Ponte Alexandre Bridge with other people wearing only white clothes ( click here to see my diary pictures from Paris) . The dress I was wearing reminds me of Virgin Suicides. The styling of the movie was kept flawing, white and delicate, just like my dress.
Also this is a good reminder of what I’m missing, as I’m tripping to Paris in just two short weeks for some exciting new projects during Men’s Fashion Week. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve party.


(wearing Zara dress, Chanel necklace, CELINE shoes, Sophie Hulme bag, Nixon watch )



  1. vonny - reply

    pretty dress 🙂 very simple but still so chick 😀 Happy 2015 Alice!

  2. effie - reply

    Piekna sukienka, i oczywiscie Ty 🙂

  3. Sandra - reply

    Nieziemsko podoba mi się ta biała sukienka! Nie dość, że prosty krój, to jeszcze ta nieskazitelna biel!

  4. Najmirska - reply

    Podoba mi się niby skromna sukiena ale ma wielki klimat.

  5. Ana - reply

    Beautiful dress, I want it, where I get that

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