Spring with Tommy Hilfiger

It was so much fun to wear and shoot this Tommy Hilfiger runway look which I had a chance to see in New York during fashion week last September. It was one of my favourite looks on the catwalk and I thought it would look great photographed in my Notting Hill neighbourhood. Especially now, when the weather is changing into spring or even summer. We have a lot of sun, blooming trees around and it is just beautiful.
Coming back to my striped dress, I matched it with Saint Laurent mary jane shoes which I bought in February, but now it’s actually warm enough to wear them. You can see my todays look featured on Farfetch Google Plus chanel. Go and see my favourite pics from Farfetch!



ph. Paweł Maślaniec 


( Tommy Hilfiger dress, Saint Laurent shoes )



  1. Anonymous - reply

    gdzie kupujesz, te wszystkie markowe buty?

  2. Allen Edwards - reply

    You’re clothes are hot. Tommy Hilfiger never lets me down where originality and design are concerned. This model is stunning ad well.

  3. Edina - reply

    This look is amazing, loving your shoes!

  4. Gabriela - reply

    Wyglądasz fenomenalnie 🙂 Piękna sukienka!

  5. effie - reply

    Princess of boho 🙂


  6. Ola - reply

    Niesamowite jest to, jak bardzo Cie kiedyś nie lubiłam, a teraz uwielbiam <3

  7. Angelika - reply

    nice ;*
    bautiful dress, sweet photos and great shoes!!
    I invite you to me;

  8. Sher - reply

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  9. Laura Chavez - reply

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  10. Chloe - reply

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  11. Carrie Tokarz - reply

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