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( Ray-ban Round Metal sunglasses or here other coloursVerso Day and Night Cream, PussPuss Magazine )


Some of my favourites this month. First let’s talk about eyewear! The shape of my face is very peculiar. I find it super hard if not almost impossible to find sunnies that will fit. My face is rather small and oval, so most sunglasses are way too big and I look like a fly. So I always look for small lenses. I want sunnies to me very ‘me’ so I always go for absolute classic, no extravaganza. These Ray-ban Round Metal made the cut because they are timeless. Ever since I remember, Ray-ban was this very classic make of glasses that suited everything and everyone. These are my absolute essential; they’re classy and give me that 90s look I’m longing for. I wouldn’t also say no to aviator sunnies. Although they are a bit bigger, they still fit and make me look very 70s. I choose Ray-ban Aviator sunnies when I wear boho or feel very vintage.

Now let’s talk skincare! I’m not a firm believer in applying many wonder-products to my face. I believe that the less you use in your 20s the better your skin will look when you’re in your 40s. However a good face care line is always welcomed. These Verso cremes stole my heart (and my skin). They are ingenious in their simplicity and work wonders.

And finally my last great discovery! Puss Puss magazine which combines two of my favorite things fashion and cats. It’s very arty and not something you see in every other magazine out there. If you live in London, go get your copy at the Serpentine Gallery bookshop.


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