Sunset in Dorset


This is part two of the bulk of pictures from my trip to Dorset. This is one of those rare occasions, where I shoot pictures in a totally unexpected and unplanned location. We were driving along, and those beautiful flowers attracted my attention, to be honest where I actually wanted to shoot was behind that fence! Unfortunately it turned out to be an electrically enclosed army training facility. Despite my cute eyes, Mr. Armyman didn’t let us enter, so we shot outside. Days like those make me really appreciate England. It’s not anything like what people say. It’s beautiful, picturesque and not rainy at all.
I was wearing a knitted dress by Charlie May. I am a huge fan of her designs, especially because I can wear anything all year round, the fabrics are out of this world. England is not only a place full of amazingly stunning locations, but also incredibly talented designers.




ph. Paweł Maślaniec

( wearing Charlie May AW 15 knitted dress )


  1. howomen - reply

    You are very beautiful. Thank you for sharing this outfit <3

  2. Emi - reply

    I love this look, it’s like…beach babe for colder weather. Love it

  3. Alore - reply

    Super sukienka, na chłodniejsze wieczorki powinna być idealna.

  4. A. - reply

    Thank god not as fat as Beyonce !

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