The suit


Oh suit! Long time no see! I have totally forgotten about suits, and what a shame too, because a few years back I owned a whole assortment of them in different fits and colours. This one is from Reiss. It has slim fit, balances on the verge of deep plum and burgundy, and is classy enough that I feel like I’m wearing black although I actually play the funk in this beauty. I wore a simple white t-shirt with it. This is, and has always been my number one rule with suits: break the stiff look with a casual white t-shirt. The most important thing is to make the look elegant, but at the same time modern and even a little bit sexy. I’d love to know your tricks on how to style the suit!


ph. Paweł Maślaniec

( Reiss trousers and blazer, Unique shoes, J.W. Anderson bag, Citizens of Humanity t-shirt )



  1. Anonymous - reply

    Ten look bardzo dużo uroku traci w tle tych drzwi i okien, znacznie lepiej prezentuje się w głębokiej szarości ciemnej ściany(fot.6). Stylizacja sama w sobie bardzo mi się podoba.

  2. Abbie - reply

    This suit is the dream!! You look SO good! xx

  3. Kiani Iman - reply

    Love the color of the suit! It fits you really well, did you have it tailored?

  4. laura - reply

    love the color of this suit….:)

  5. Marcela - reply

    Alice jestes genialna, kocham twoje dopracowanie postow, od perfekcyjnych zdjec do idealnie dobranych miejsc sesji. No i przedewszystkim kocham Twoje buty w tym poscie 🙂

  6. Alok kumar - reply

    Well full of mixing of professional and fashionable cannot predict anything good to suit .

  7. YouBella - reply

    Amazing photos…formals are looking superb and perfect

  8. jewlotmarketing - reply

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