Blue sheepskin / Soho, Berwick Street


No point denying it, it’s freezing cold in London! I don’t even know what is better, 0 Degrees without snow as in London or even colder but with snow. I would rather stay with the London option, because I can at least choose and wear my favourite shoes. These are not any type of snow boots, or even ankle boots. Sandals are my favourite kind of shoes, especially when matched with winter clothes for a good balance. I don’t mind adding to them some black over the knee socks too.
But coming back to the photos below, I’m wearing a perfect black dress from Privacy Please, the new brand available exclusively in Revolve Clothing. What I love the most about their dresses is a great girly fit and also soft, very comfy fabrics – that’s exactly what I want to put on every morning without even thinking and planning what to wear that day. I added to it a blue sheepskin jacket and Raye sandals, also available exclusively on Revolve Clothing.
Another advantage of the low temperature in London is that streets are empty, it’s much easier to take photos without too many people in the background. My next stop is Paris, Men’s Fashion Week in three days. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and snapchat for live updates, straight from the runways!



ph. Aida Nizankowska

( wearing Privacy Please Perry dress via Revolve Clothing or in floral print , Raye sandals via Revolve Clothing, Sandro sheepskin jacket similar here , J.W. Anderson bag on sale now! )



  1. Sandra - reply

    Looks super stylish and so classy!

  2. Adele miner - reply

    Gorgeous, love the coat! x

  3. Hebe - reply

    I love your blue coat and your handbag.Nice day!

  4. Mila Godevskaya - reply

    Yes it’s freezing cold here, so what? I agree, if I like something and want to put it on just today, I will, even though outside it’s -30 degrees! Thus if it concerns a short skirt or a short dress, bare legs and sandals, it must be so! And then that’s so cool! And never forget that “no pain, no gain”!! As I’m sure you guessed, I do exactly the same you do! lol
    But it’s not only for this reason that I love your outfit so much. You really look perfect! The blue sheepskin jacket is amazing and seems to be very comfy as well.
    The only pity is that you forgot to take a photo without the jacket to let us see properly the new Privacy Please dress, so I hope you will put it on again soon in future.



  5. Milla - reply

    London lovely ever ever ever! I hate streets busy too…
    Amazing sandals!! *-*

  6. Zdeterminowana - reply

    Masz niesamowite wyczucie stylu. Uwielbiam Cię, potrafisz trafić do pamięci 🙂

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