Converse campaign


My campaign for Converse shot a while ago is live now! You can see images online and in Office Shoes stores across UK. Thanks for the whole team who worked on this project! 🙂 Ps. You can see more backstage photos on Yanin’s blog!

converse16197 1



converse15208 1



  1. -I-K-S- - reply

    świetne foty ❤️

  2. Anna - reply

    sukienka z pierwszego zdjęcia cudowna, a kampania super też!

  3. Louise Julie - reply

    This is just stunning, such a pretty dress and the colour is perfection. xx

  4. Thiscrund Gayle - reply

    Ah, I’ve never ventured that far up the country before! You need to try one…they are the stuff of dreams.

  5. Ania - reply

    Sorrry ale jak dla mnie jesteś brzydka i nudna…

  6. Justyna Lis - reply

    You three looks pretty good, I like the difference between you!

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