PFW after John Galliano


ph. Asaf Liberfrund

My look for John Galliano show in Paris, which I have almost missed because of the traffic. I was wearing the rib knitted dress from Designers Remix, Diesel biker jacket , Miu Miu sunglasses and Jimmy Choo boots, the most comfy heels I’ve ever had.


  1. Ev - reply

    Wyglądasz bosko!

  2. Fie - reply

    Your dress falls so smoothly, it is almost as if it follows your commands. But isn’t that the idea? That clothing should follow our movements, our gestures – and all in harmony! That is what I see in your picture. Very nice and elegant. I think its not just the red dress, its how flows over the person. Working for an events promotion company in London where fashion events are big category for us, I get to attend many fashion related happenings. I think knowing what fits your body is just as important as the attire itself. And I can see you have chosen well!

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