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Posted on October 8, 2017

The truth is that I love spending a lot of time at home. As a freelancer I work from home, when I’m not traveling of course. It’s the place where I’m the most creative. I wouldn’t be that productive in other places, cafes or common work spaces, which are so popular nowadays.  I put a lot of effort to make my home look beautiful and cosy ( as my budget allows me ) and also unique. I don’t want to copy any catalogs from ‚Home’ brands lookbooks, I don’t want it to be perfect and all brand new. I love finding some unique vintage accessories in Portobello Market, which make my apartment look more one of a kind. There are of course some statement pieces like this beautiful gold table from Zuiver. And I have to mention that I love flowers, especially fresh flowers. I buy them every week, depending on my mood or time of a year I choose different ones. This month I go for yellow sunflowers, good for autumn.

( Zuiver table, Playa hair cosmetics, Le Labo ‘Santal’ candle, Helene Zubielda earrings via Monnier Freres, Byredo Mojave Ghost, Oskia cleansing gel, Unpolished magazine, Agonist ‘Dark Saphir’ parfum)

Frank Body

Posted on July 1, 2015



( Frank Body creamy face cleanser, Frank Body creamy face scrub, Frank Body face moisturiser, Chloe Faye bag )


Today I wanted to introduce you a supercool brand called Frank Body. When it comes to skincare I like discovering new products. It’s not good for skin to use the same products constantly so I’m always hunting for new ones.
I’ve been using these three products: a creamy face cleanser, a face scrub and an everyday face moisturiser over the last month and absolutely love the effect. It’s perfect for sensitive skin like mine. Probably because of the natural ingredients like green coffee extract, cocoa or almond. Ok, now let’s be honest. We all love when our beauty products look sweet and pretty. These pink bottles and tubes from Frank Body are the cutest. My biggest surprise though was inside… The consistence of the face cleanser and a face scrub is dark grey, almost black, like mud. I don’t remember if I’ve ever cleaned my face using a black liquid before. It’s so fun! Ok, I won’t tell you anything more, now you can get them online and try by yourself!

Favourite this month

Posted on May 25, 2015


( Ray-ban Round Metal sunglasses or here other coloursVerso Day and Night Cream, PussPuss Magazine )


Some of my favourites this month. First let’s talk about eyewear! The shape of my face is very peculiar. I find it super hard if not almost impossible to find sunnies that will fit. My face is rather small and oval, so most sunglasses are way too big and I look like a fly. So I always look for small lenses. I want sunnies to me very ‘me’ so I always go for absolute classic, no extravaganza. These Ray-ban Round Metal made the cut because they are timeless. Ever since I remember, Ray-ban was this very classic make of glasses that suited everything and everyone. These are my absolute essential; they’re classy and give me that 90s look I’m longing for. I wouldn’t also say no to aviator sunnies. Although they are a bit bigger, they still fit and make me look very 70s. I choose Ray-ban Aviator sunnies when I wear boho or feel very vintage.

Now let’s talk skincare! I’m not a firm believer in applying many wonder-products to my face. I believe that the less you use in your 20s the better your skin will look when you’re in your 40s. However a good face care line is always welcomed. These Verso cremes stole my heart (and my skin). They are ingenious in their simplicity and work wonders.

And finally my last great discovery! Puss Puss magazine which combines two of my favorite things fashion and cats. It’s very arty and not something you see in every other magazine out there. If you live in London, go get your copy at the Serpentine Gallery bookshop.

Max Factor skin session

Posted on September 12, 2014






ph. Jonny Briggs


(wearing Reformation dressMiista loafers , make up: Max Factor Skin Luminizer )


London Fashion Week has now officially started! And which better way to kick it off than to get well pampered and looking fabulous. I paired up with Max Factor make up artists to create my own perfect fashion week skin look. During my personalised ‘skin session’ at St Martin’s Lane Hotel, Caroline Barnes, a Max Factor make up artist, showed me how to create a radiant, luminous base using simple products as Max Factor Skin Luminizer. It’s actually extra important during LFW to look good on and off camera so a good skin is crucial. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram (@alicezielasko) for more LFW magic.


In collaboration with Max Factor