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Neon lights

Posted on July 29, 2014



( wearing AllSaints biker jacket, Acne top, & Other Stories skirt (similiar here ), Sophie Hulme bag , Chanel necklace)


Ladies and Gents brace yourselves, for this is the best biker jacket I have ever had. AllSaints and I have a long lasting love relationship ( remember my trip to NY last February here ) and I always sit on the edge of my chair when the new collection kicks in. And I have never been let down.

Right now I’m packing for NYC tomorrow and I can’t imagine my American style checklist without this beauty. Especially sine my last trip to the city that never sleeps was made very special by AllSaints. It’s only 5 days but I swear I will miss those Piccadilly Circus  lights every day.  But for now farewell London I shall see you soon, NYC I’m coming !

Off shoulder

Posted on July 19, 2014



I think I’m the only girl in town who loves extremely high temperatures. People around me complain about hot weather in London being too hot for the last few days – it’s 30 Degrees, and for me it’s absolutly perfect. Being able to wear shorts and cropped tops is the best thing I could imagine. That’s why I’m always so jealous of people that live in LA, who can have it almost all year round. But let’s go back to London! I was asked by Shoptrotter, an online shopping guide to create a route with my favourite shops in London. I thought was such a great idea, because a lot of you ask me about the best stores in London to buy clothes & accessories. I have lived here for two years now and feel I’m the the right person to recommend some cool spots around. Especially if you are visiting London for a few days only and don’t have a lot of time to explore everything. London is a huge city, there are so many shopping areas, but in my opinion not all of them are shopping friendly (like for example Covent Garden which I avoid whenever possible). So now you can check my route ( an extra photo reportage soon) on Shoptrotter. I’ll be updating it soon, so make sure to visit it regulary.

( wearing Isabel Marant shorts here & here & here, American Apparel off shoulder top ( similiar here & here ) , Chanel necklace, Chanel espadrilles, Kurt Geiger clutch or here )


My summer Playlist:

Laundry Stories

Posted on July 10, 2014



I’m definitely in the summer mode after two trips to Paris and coming back to London. That means nothing other than shorts and t-shirt kind of outfit. The weather is quite good in London, only that stupid rain from time to time spoils it. I can’t complain though, living in Notting Hill makes happy no matter what. We took these pictures in the late afternoon yesterday. It was 8 pm and the sun light was breathtaking.
I was asked by The Berkeley to write a tip on what to do in London this summer. As you know I’m a ‘girl from the west’ so definitely what I want to recommend is visiting Notting Hill and Portobello. Especially if you are not from UK, then I’m sure you will be impressed by architecture, people, cute little shops along Portobello Road and great cafes and restaurants. I have a few favourites: swedish restaurant Lisa Portobello, Talk House cafe, Daylesford Organic or Granger & Co. Notting Hill is also a great area to do some shopping, here you will find brands like Sandro, Maje, Matches, Aime (with Isabel Marant clothes and other French brands) or Joseph.


Ps. I’m writing this post while listening and watching Saint Laurent SS15 runway show from Paris almost 10th time. It’s so great! Not only the collection inspired by California in the 70’s , rock music, surf culture and hippie style but also runway soundtrack gets me going!
Ps. 2 Other cool news, we are doing a Yard Sale this Saturday ( 12 July ) together with Shini, Charlie, Peony, Hedvig and Carrie. You can pop in and buy some cool stuff from our wardrobes. It takes place in The Aubaine, Moxhon Street ( nearest station Baker Street). Hope to you guys there! x 


( wearing PINKO monogrammed t-shirt ( similiar here & here or here ) , vintage shorts (similiar here or here), Nike Air Force )




Portobello Road

Posted on July 3, 2014


After two trips to Paris, I’m back in London. I haven’t taken any blog pictures in Notting Hill for a long time, so I had to make up for it. As much as I love Paris or other beautiful cities around the world it’s always good to be back home. Because I can honestly say that in Notting Hill I feel like home. London is a huge and busy city, but Notting Hill is like a small and quiet village ( apart from Saturday when is Portobello Market and Notting Hill carnival) so I can feel like on holiday here. Coming back to my outfit.  I was wearing a dress from The Reformation, that you have already seen on me in Paris. It’s my favourite summer piece at the moment, so I wear it quite often. I added a new Celine trio bag in red (remember here & here in burgundy ) , Chanel necklace and Balenciaga boots.


And finally this time of year came! Once again I am pairing up with Paco Rabanne to bring you a new exciting project. This time it is the Black XS Record project which aims at discovering new talents. This international project allowed each artist to post their cover video on the dedicated Black XS platform. The jury has now reached their decision and picked 5 lucky winners who will record with Black XS. Exciting right? Wish I could sing Aymé, Guy Ivory, Puppies, Stella Matteoni and STTL are solo artists and bands with their own unique style and ready to rock it! Guy was by far my favourite, I loved his edgy style and jazzy voice, beautiful!
Being a rockstar is definitely an important part of everyone’s life. You can’t live without rocking out for once in a while in lifestyle, fashion and music. I love putting a little rock into my daily outfits. A leather jacket, heavy jewellery or buckle boots definitely add this rocky touch to my innocent me Like Amy Lee once said ‘Honestly I just wear what I like. You know why? ‘Cause I can, I’m a rock star’. Make sure you also go and check out my rock playlist on my youtube channel.



( wearing The Reformation dress, Celine trio bag ( similiar here & here ) , Chanel necklace, Balenciaga boots, Nixon watch )


And one last thing, a video I did for Footlocker. They launched a White Collection, featuring all white eveything sneakers and as you can see I chose my favourite pair, Nike Air Force. They are so comfy and make the look. A video was filmed half in Primrose Hill and half in Notting Hill. Hope you like it!


White sneakers

Posted on June 1, 2014

( wearing Urban Outfitters playsuit ( similiar here ), Nike Air Force 

White sneakers can definitely look chic. For many people white sneakers are a flagship footgear of chavvs and trashy teens. But now they’re fighting their way back into fashion. Look at Saint Laurent for example, they managed to make the double trouble of white and ankle sneakers look cool and trendy. These nikes air force are both ridiculously comfy and stylish. It’s a win win situation. And just now, FootLocker launched their white collection, featuring all white everything kinda shoes. They are brilliant, so many to pick from. I guess though my choice was good choice, what do you guys think?

On another note, playsuits were never really my thing. Well, except when I was about 5 and my mum made me wear a pair. Now, just like the sneakers, they are really in. Especially in the summer, it’s probably the most perfect outfit idea for hot summery days (though we haven’t seen many of those in London). Anyways, I guess sneakers and playsuits will be my summer idea. I would like my coats and baggy jumpers to take a bow, I’ll see you guys in October!