White t-shirt & blue jeans

Posted on May 30, 2015

Today is very simple. Today is like a plain cake with this Louis Vuitton cherry on top. I’m wearing RE/DONE jeans ( vintage Levi’s jeans remade into modern fit ), a plain white top, lace up heels and Ray-Ban sunglasses. The sun in the pictures was amazing. I love it how it’s almost summer and I can leave the house wearing a t-shirt, soon I hope all I will be wearing is a bikini! Have an awesome weekend guys!





ph. Paweł Maślaniec


Favourite this month

Posted on May 25, 2015


( Ray-ban Round Metal sunglasses or here other coloursVerso Day and Night Cream, PussPuss Magazine )


Some of my favourites this month. First let’s talk about eyewear! The shape of my face is very peculiar. I find it super hard if not almost impossible to find sunnies that will fit. My face is rather small and oval, so most sunglasses are way too big and I look like a fly. So I always look for small lenses. I want sunnies to me very ‘me’ so I always go for absolute classic, no extravaganza. These Ray-ban Round Metal made the cut because they are timeless. Ever since I remember, Ray-ban was this very classic make of glasses that suited everything and everyone. These are my absolute essential; they’re classy and give me that 90s look I’m longing for. I wouldn’t also say no to aviator sunnies. Although they are a bit bigger, they still fit and make me look very 70s. I choose Ray-ban Aviator sunnies when I wear boho or feel very vintage.

Now let’s talk skincare! I’m not a firm believer in applying many wonder-products to my face. I believe that the less you use in your 20s the better your skin will look when you’re in your 40s. However a good face care line is always welcomed. These Verso cremes stole my heart (and my skin). They are ingenious in their simplicity and work wonders.

And finally my last great discovery! Puss Puss magazine which combines two of my favorite things fashion and cats. It’s very arty and not something you see in every other magazine out there. If you live in London, go get your copy at the Serpentine Gallery bookshop.

Star dress

Posted on May 17, 2015


Stars are definitely the print of the season. It was used in most of my favourite SS15 runway shows, and always styled in an edgy, rock& roll way. On the pictures you can see me wearing a star dress from Tommy Hilfiger SS15 collection. I matched it with a metallic scarf, golden Cluse watch and Stuart Weitzman heels.
The dress is made with the finest chiffon, which is a beautifly flowing fabric. While I usually try to choose good weather days for my shoots, this time, I looked up the most windy day of the week. I just love the way the dress dances in the wind, don’t you?
Also you probably can’t see it in the pictures, but behind that fence was a massive dog, a mastiff I think. It was barking insanely for most of the time, and to be honest I was a little scared. Also so many people kept coming to pat it, and we had to wait for the to move, so instead of wrapping up the shoot in 1hr it took us ages.



ph. Paweł Maślaniec

( Tommy Hilfiger star dress and scarf, Stuart Weitzman heels via Russel & Bromley, Cluse watch )


Sunset in Dorset

Posted on May 4, 2015


This is part two of the bulk of pictures from my trip to Dorset. This is one of those rare occasions, where I shoot pictures in a totally unexpected and unplanned location. We were driving along, and those beautiful flowers attracted my attention, to be honest where I actually wanted to shoot was behind that fence! Unfortunately it turned out to be an electrically enclosed army training facility. Despite my cute eyes, Mr. Armyman didn’t let us enter, so we shot outside. Days like those make me really appreciate England. It’s not anything like what people say. It’s beautiful, picturesque and not rainy at all.
I was wearing a knitted dress by Charlie May. I am a huge fan of her designs, especially because I can wear anything all year round, the fabrics are out of this world. England is not only a place full of amazingly stunning locations, but also incredibly talented designers.




ph. Paweł Maślaniec

( wearing Charlie May AW 15 knitted dress )

Spring with Tommy Hilfiger

Posted on April 22, 2015

It was so much fun to wear and shoot this Tommy Hilfiger runway look which I had a chance to see in New York during fashion week last September. It was one of my favourite looks on the catwalk and I thought it would look great photographed in my Notting Hill neighbourhood. Especially now, when the weather is changing into spring or even summer. We have a lot of sun, blooming trees around and it is just beautiful.
Coming back to my striped dress, I matched it with Saint Laurent mary jane shoes which I bought in February, but now it’s actually warm enough to wear them. You can see my todays look featured on Farfetch Google Plus chanel. Go and see my favourite pics from Farfetch!



ph. Paweł Maślaniec 


( Tommy Hilfiger dress, Saint Laurent shoes )