Portobello Road

Posted on July 3, 2014


After two trips to Paris, I’m back in London. I haven’t taken any blog pictures in Notting Hill for a long time, so I had to make up for it. As much as I love Paris or other beautiful cities around the world it’s always good to be back home. Because I can honestly say that in Notting Hill I feel like home. London is a huge and busy city, but Notting Hill is like a small and quiet village ( apart from Saturday when is Portobello Market and Notting Hill carnival) so I can feel like on holiday here. Coming back to my outfit.  I was wearing a dress from The Reformation, that you have already seen on me in Paris. It’s my favourite summer piece at the moment, so I wear it quite often. I added a new Celine trio bag in red (remember here & here in burgundy ) , Chanel necklace and Balenciaga boots.


And finally this time of year came! Once again I am pairing up with Paco Rabanne to bring you a new exciting project. This time it is the Black XS Record project which aims at discovering new talents. This international project allowed each artist to post their cover video on the dedicated Black XS platform. The jury has now reached their decision and picked 5 lucky winners who will record with Black XS. Exciting right? Wish I could sing Aymé, Guy Ivory, Puppies, Stella Matteoni and STTL are solo artists and bands with their own unique style and ready to rock it! Guy was by far my favourite, I loved his edgy style and jazzy voice, beautiful!
Being a rockstar is definitely an important part of everyone’s life. You can’t live without rocking out for once in a while in lifestyle, fashion and music. I love putting a little rock into my daily outfits. A leather jacket, heavy jewellery or buckle boots definitely add this rocky touch to my innocent me Like Amy Lee once said ‘Honestly I just wear what I like. You know why? ‘Cause I can, I’m a rock star’. Make sure you also go and check out my rock playlist on my youtube channel.



( wearing The Reformation dress, Celine trio bag ( similiar here & here ) , Chanel necklace, Balenciaga boots, Nixon watch )


And one last thing, a video I did for Footlocker. They launched a White Collection, featuring all white eveything sneakers and as you can see I chose my favourite pair, Nike Air Force. They are so comfy and make the look. A video was filmed half in Primrose Hill and half in Notting Hill. Hope you like it!


Dinner in white, Paris

Posted on June 22, 2014


My last trip to Paris was magical. I know I say it every time whenever I go to Paris, but trust me, this time it was literally magical. I had a big pleasure to take part in a White Dinner. For those who’ve never heard of it I’m explaining it now. It’s a pop-up picnic dinner that happens once in a year in a secret location. We got to know where to meet just 2 hours before, so it’s always a big surprise. The most important rule is to come dressed in white from head to toe, bring your own table and chairs, white cutlery, enjoy your meal and disappear before midnight. This time it took place in Pont Alexandre III Bridge, for me ( and probably not only) the most beautiful bridge in Paris, so I was really happy when I heard about the location. Not to mention about an amazing sunset view to Eiffel Tower while enjoying our meal with a glass of champagne. To make you guys more jealous ( sorry about that), go and check a video I did during the event. French language is always so charming. Thank you Web Style Story for an amazing time in Paris!

The next day I had a chance to visit La Vallee Village, a big shopping area with outlet boutiques of the best designers. From Burberry, Valentino, Givenchy to Celine, you’ll find the best pieces in a great prices. Meet my new CELINE killer wedges bought with 70% discount. Sorry for making you guys jealous second time today.

And two last shots. The old bookshop in Montmartre and apple pie with strawberry sauce in the cute parisian cafe near Sacre Coeur.

Paris, I hope to be back soon!



Boys of Fashion Week, London // Boys By Girls Magazine

Posted on June 19, 2014


Dominick Carisch, Storm Models & Angus McGuinness, Models 1

Today I want to share with you guys my recent work for a magazine Boys By Girls. The project I was working on was exciting and beautiful. Taking pictures of boys is extremely rewarding to me, especially shooting their faces because we establish a unique connection between us. Followed by an interview ( by my partner in crime Aida) we get to know the boys much better and build up a two minute friendships with them. So here they are, our favourite sweethearts. Hope you like them! Go & check Boys By Girls for the full article.

Max & Lucian

Sang Woo Kim, Select Models & Kern Charles, D1 Models

Max Granger, AMCK Models

Joel Meacock , Next Models & Jordan Sorbom, MIKAs

Louren Groenewald, Next Models


White sneakers

Posted on June 1, 2014

( wearing Urban Outfitters playsuit ( similiar here ), Nike Air Force 

White sneakers can definitely look chic. For many people white sneakers are a flagship footgear of chavvs and trashy teens. But now they’re fighting their way back into fashion. Look at Saint Laurent for example, they managed to make the double trouble of white and ankle sneakers look cool and trendy. These nikes air force are both ridiculously comfy and stylish. It’s a win win situation. And just now, FootLocker launched their white collection, featuring all white everything kinda shoes. They are brilliant, so many to pick from. I guess though my choice was good choice, what do you guys think?

On another note, playsuits were never really my thing. Well, except when I was about 5 and my mum made me wear a pair. Now, just like the sneakers, they are really in. Especially in the summer, it’s probably the most perfect outfit idea for hot summery days (though we haven’t seen many of those in London). Anyways, I guess sneakers and playsuits will be my summer idea. I would like my coats and baggy jumpers to take a bow, I’ll see you guys in October!




Striped blazer

Posted on May 25, 2014





Stripes are definitely my favourite pattern on clothes of all times ( example here ) . They are classy and simple, but at the same time not boring. I fell in love with this PJ’s inspired, striped blazer when I saw it on the website last week. Wearing night-to-day clothes is the best thing I could imagine ( remember my Poplin shirt! ) . It is comfortable and chic, yet not sloppy which can easily happen when the cut is too casual. The fabric is light and soft, so I could literally spent a whole day in it. This kind of look reminds me of St. Tropez, French Riviera and Cote d’Azure, the beauty mood, light breeze and sun. It’s so in!

The colour code of the look was a result of Dove Colour App which picks the colours that best suit your skin tone. I simply took a pic of my skin and uploaded it to the app, which then picked my shades for me. The results were white, pink and pastel blue, so I decided to go with the advice and the result, I must say, was great. What do you think? I think these colours suit me so well, because they go great with my light complexion and delicate features. Also they make me feel good in what I wear and are pretty neutral so they go well with whatever colour the accessories are. You should all do it, it’s great fun, and you will find out for once if your favourite colours should be your favs after all 🙂

DSC_3414-EditDSC_3452-Editpoprawka (2 of 1)DSC_3594-EditDSC_3495-Edit


( wearing Zara blazer ( similiar here and here ), old denim shorts ( here or here ), Alexander Wang Pelican bag, Zara heels, Antipearle earring and ring