Chanel transparent bag

Posted on December 12, 2012

I feel a bit like candy today because of my pink trousers, nails, lips and lilac hair. I admit I have been a bit obsessed with pastel things recently. I can’t wear anything without them. Pastels work well with black clothes, so it’s always easy to match them up.
Also, I can’t take my eyes of this amazing, transparent Chanel bag. Nothing better than a Chanel under your arm, ey?

We took these pictures last week in SoHo. There are a lot of cool backgrounds for pictures there, from dirty grey garages to colorful bars and cafes.

ph. by Adam Kaniowski, edited by Belletette
( Top Shop bomber jacket and jumper, H&M Trend pants, Chanel transparent bag, Pixie Market heels, Local Heroes iphone case, Zara necklace, Bourjois pink lipstck)

MUSIC: Jessie Ware – Running
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Chinatown & my new lilac hair

Posted on December 3, 2012

The majority of my recent purchases are basic things. Buying just a basic t-shirt seems to be easy, but in fact it’s so hard. Good fabric is crucial. A week ago I found the perfect grey tee made of a thick, rib cotton. That’s why I couldn’t resist taking off the coat during the photoshoot and show you its cool shape and wide short sleeves. I’m sure that the first thing you can see on the pictures is my new lilac hair color. I haven’t expected such a result during my last visit at hairdresser (it was supposed to be cold, greyish blonde). I was shocked at first but the day after I loved it. Changes are good for your mental health, I think. If you have any tips how to keep this color for longer, let me know. Thanks!

I also have to mention that my new Muubaa coat is the warmest and softest outerwear I’ve ever had. I have been wearing it everyday recently and it just can’t be replaced by any other coat or jacket. I really love my new Muubaa coat.

ph. by Adam Kaniowski, edited by Belletette
( Muubaa shearling coat, Top Shop Boutique grey tee, H&M Trend pants, Alexander Wang bag, Wildfox platform sandals, Zara necklace)

MUSIC: Niki and The Dove – Love to the test

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BLACKXS Excessive Session in Paris with Paco Rabanne

Posted on December 2, 2012

I want to share with you guys this video which was the cause of my trip to Paris two weeks ago. Paco Rabanne team invited me, and a few european bloggers up, to take part in the Black XS Excessive Session with Ellie Goulding in Le Carmen /Paris. I had so much fun filming and spending time with these amazing people.  I hope to come back to Paris soon! Thank you Ykone and Paco Rabanne team!
You can see my pictures from Paris here 🙂

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Alicepoint & Cocorosa DIY Beanie for Miista

Posted on November 28, 2012

Last week I met up with my ‘blogger-sister’ Chantal aka Cocorosa to do a special project for Miista. The mission was called cocorosa & alice point DIY Beanie. We had so much fun doing our stuff: the varsity and the chained out beanies, keeping our cameras and Iphones in hands. The shooting took place in Notting Hill. You can see the whole tutorial on Miista blog HERE.

 by Alice Zielasko & Chantal Van der Meijden for Miista

Special thanks to Sandra for letting her use her beautiful apartment & taking pictures of us and Marcin Socha for helping us out with the video!

No COCOROSAS and ALICE POINTS where hurt during the making of this tutorial. All added swag should be handled properly. ALICE POINT went on to live happily ever after, marrying a whole varsity team. COCOROSA eventually got the carpet to fly and changed her name to COCOofARABIA.

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Paco Rabanne // Black XS in Paris

Posted on November 22, 2012

As you have all seen on my Instagram, I went to Paris last week. My trip was very short but I’ve spend there an amazing two days  with the Paco Rabanne team and my blogger friends. We worked on a special project for Paco Rabanne Black XS filminig a video with Ellie Goulding in Le Carmen Club. Here you can see a few photos which I managed to take during the busy day while shooting and interviewing.

We were accommodated in the amazing (this word appears in this post a few times:)) Hotel Amour situated near the red-light district of Pigalle. I could feel its atmosphere in my room which was dark and full of erotic books and magazines. Love was in the air…

In the meantime we took some outfit pictures. I was wearing a UNIF Flasher trench, Misbhv leather jacket, black skinny jeans, Miista boots and carrying a mug of hot Starbucks tea in my hand. It was freezing cold.

It was so cool to meet Ricky, Julius, Tony, Louise, Adeline & Dulceida and Ellie Goulding in Paris. I already miss them all!

Thanks Ricky and Brian for the shot of me. Thank you Paco Rabanne & Ykone for having us over.

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